The Sector of Comparative Studies of Eastern and Western Cultures

The Sector of Comparative Studies of Eastern and Western Cultures

The Sector of Comparative Studies of Eastern and Western Cultures is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental unit. Some of its core faculty are employed in whole or in part by the IOCS, but also associated with the Sector are people teaching and researching at other universities and academic institutions in Moscow and abroad, making it a wide-ranging group of specialists in oriental, comparative and translation studies.

Head of the Sector:  Dr. Natalia Yu. Chalisova

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Those involved in the Sector's scholarly activity are working on a wide range of topics in areas of Africa, the Arab world, Syria and Mesopotamia, China, Japan, India and Iran. The faculty of the Sector have interests in research and teaching in the following areas:

  • Philological translation as a basis and instrument of “cultural translation”;

  • Translation and research of the fundamental literary texts of the East;

  • Culture as a way to coin meanings; the translatability of cultures.

The results of the research carried out by the Sector are immediately applied in the teaching activity of the Sector.

The methodological concept lying at the basis of the research of the Sector is the understanding of the culture as a special system whose various parts are too adjusted to each other to be accidental. The main questions of the research are as follows: “How can we detect and describe in our language the unique features of another culture? How can the terminological incompatibility be overcome?”; “How can one follow the processes and reveal the factors of mutual influence and transformation of cultures?”

The Sector hosts regular meetings of a theoretical seminar, which offer the opportunity to discuss these issues applied to specific material. The suggested solutions are reflected in the publications.



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