The Department of Ancient History

The Department of Ancient History

The Department of Ancient History of the IOCS, RUSH, is based on three fundamental principles:


  • Various majors aimed at the study of classical Oriental and Western cultures are combined within one single teaching-and-research unit;
  • The teaching process proceeds in close cooperation with academic research;
  • The interdisciplinary approach combines the methods of various Liberal Arts disciplines such as, in the first place, philology and history.

Combining specialists in ancient Orient and classical (Graeco-Roman) antiquity allows a fuller realization of the idea of parallel and mutually complementary study of archaic cultures of East and West. It is impossible to investigate antiquity without taking into consideration the Eastern component and vice versa, it is highly useful for the specialist in ancient Oriental cultures to be acquainted with the classical studies (cf., for instance, the problem of Eastern Christianity, of the Greek component in the Indo-Iranian area etc.). The notion of “ancient world,” which is equally applicable to “European” and “Eastern” antiquity, makes it possible to offer to the students a complex study of ancient civilizations all forming part of a single historical process. As far as the teaching activities are concerned, this leads to creating new, “synthetic” courses on history of the ancient world (including those resulting from the cooperation with the Center of Classical Ancient Studies and the Center of Oriental and Hellenistic Archaeology of the IOCS).

Thus, the Department of Ancient History:


  • “structurally” realizes the idea of cooperation between specializations of Oriental and Classical studies;
  • together with the Center of Oriental and Hellenistic Archaeology forms a unique teaching-and-research unit among the historical departments of the IOCS;
  • promotes the further development of the specialization “History” and of the historical specializations within “Oriental and African studies” in the IOCS.


The courses read at the Department are primarily addressed to the students of the IOCS as well as to the students of the Institute of Philology and History (IPH). This is to be explained by the traditional close cooperation between these two subdivisions of the RSUH (the majors of Oriental and Classical studies were originally opened at the School of History and Philology), as well as by the fundamental principles of the training at the IPH, based on the historical and cultural comparative studies. This fully corresponds to the principles of the Department of Ancient History: teaching the history of ancient world necessarily implies a comparative approach in view of the “multicultural” nature of the Mediterranean area, on which the teaching-and-research process is focused.


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