The Sector of Classical Ancient Studies

The Sector of Classical Ancient Studies

The Sector of Classical Ancient Studies of the IOCS, is a research and teaching division created for the coordination of research carried out at RSUH in the domain of ancient history and classical philology as well as for the coordination of educational programs in relevant disciplines (primarily for the major “Antique Culture”).


The main trends of the Sector’s activities include:


  • Involving into the teaching process at the RSUH the leading specialists in classical studies, including members of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Preparing original teaching programs in various fields of classical philology and ancient history, addressed, first and foremost, to seniors and graduate students;
  • Coordinating the teaching of the classical disciplines at RSUH, the improvement of teaching programs;
  • Organizing regular meetings of the seminar “Modern Problems of the Classical Studies” (headed by Prof. Nina V. Braginskaya), the participants of which are faculty and students of both RSUH and other institutions of Moscow;
  • Preparing and publishing specialized editions of Ancient Greek and Roman texts (Orientalia et Classica: Trudy Instituta Vostochnyh Kul’tur i Antichnosti. Vostok i Antichnost’ v Klassicheskih Tekstah), which are to be used in the research and teaching process;
  • Creating an archive of written materials, photos and videos on the history of the Russian classical studies (the project The Owl of Minerva);;
  • Organizing conferences, round tables and other meetings devoted to classical studies;
  • Building a network system to connect with the academicians in the field of classical studies working in Russian periphery (for instance, in Petrozavodsk, Saratov, Tomsk, where in the recent years classical philology studies have flourished).

The Sector unites the RSUH faculty members (Prof. N. V. Braginskaya, Prof. N. P. Grintser, et al.) as well as several members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the leading specialists in the field of ancient history (Prof. A. V. Podosinov), epigraphic studies (Assistant Professor I. A. Makarov), philosophy (Prof. A. V. Lebedev), which reflects the Sector’s concept of constant combining the teaching and research activities.


Contacts: Tel.: (495) 250-62-28; E-mail: