The Sector of Oriental and Hellenistic Archaeology

The Sector of Oriental and Hellenistic Archaeology

The research and teaching Sector of Oriental and Hellenistic Archaeology of the IOCS, was created in 2004. Its activities include academic research and teaching of the students of RSUH the disciplines related to the Sector’s specialization. The teaching process includes lectures, seminars and practical classes on the archeology of Ancient and Medieval Orient and Mediterranean area.


The research activities of the Sector are mainly focused on the problems of ethnic, economic and cultural interrelationships between the ancient societies of the Mediterranean and Oriental regions from the Bronze Era to the Middle Ages. The Sector hosts the regular seminar “Eurasian Steppe and the Orient: Traditions and Mutual influence,” which brings together the faculty of various subdivisions of the RSUH and of other Russian and foreign research institutions, as well as students of RSUH.

The three levels of the Sector’s research activities are: (1) field research; (2) post-excavation analysis; (3) general research. The faculty the Sector direct the archeological expeditions organized by other research institutions which excavate archeological sites of various epochs in the Crimea, North Caucasus, and in Central Asia. These expeditions provide new materials for theoretical work and offer opportunities to assess and verify their conclusions.

The teaching activity of the Sector focuses on the topics of Oriental and Classical Ancient archeology. The Sector offers general and special courses of lectures, seminars on special topics, practical classes in the field and in museums. The faculty members teach such courses as “Archeology,” “Ancient Archeology of the Mediterranean Area,” “Ancient Archeology of the Northern Black Sea Region,” “Archeology of the Central East.” The Sector has developed a program of museum practical classes for the students of the IOCS in the State Museum of Oriental Art. In 2005–2007, within the Kara-Tobe archeological expedition (Crimea) the students of the IOCS carried out practical field research while the students of the Department of Restoration of the School of Arts, RSUH, took part in practical classes in restoration work. The results of the practical classes were summed up in the presentations given by the students at the annual final conferences at the RSUH.

All the courses read at the Sector are compulsory for the students of the IOCS of the corresponding majors and free for other interested undergraduate and graduate students of the RSUH. The students are also encouraged to participate in the activities of the Seminar “Eurasian Steppe and the Orient: Traditions and Mutual Influence.”

The faculty members of the Sector supervise M.A. and Ph.D. theses of the undergraduate and graduate students of the IOCS and other subdivisions of the RSUH on the topics related to the activities of the Sector.


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